Retain your visitors with visual interactions

Retain your visitors with visual interactions

Make your product understandable, and create brand awareness with animated svgs.

Make your product understandable, and create brand awareness with animated svgs.


Concept By: Roberto Ayala

Project Noomo

Magic starts at our creative process

Our tested streamlined process allow us to create lively and relatable animations. experience ans skills allow us to deliver quick turnarounds with outstanding results..


Establishing goals and creating a communication plan that works in accordance with your company strategy.Clear objectives, positive results.


We create a visual narrative that conveys the crucial information, and powerful emotions.


This is the fun part! creating all the vectors ans visual assets that will be animated.


Endowing life to vectors, through movement and transitions.


This is the fun part! creating all the vectors ans visual assets that will be animated.


Endowing life to vectors, through movement and transitions.

SVG Animations are used by High Level Companies

“Amazing, very professional, creative and pasient. I highlly recommand working with Animated SVG company and hope to work together again in the future the resaults were of high quality.

Yael, English by Yael courses


“They did the job perfectly,  followed my storybook exactly and I am very satisfied with the result :-)”

Stefan, Vodo app


“That’s great! You guys made a Great Job for animating my logo. Thank’s”

Dynante, Smart Monkey


Why SVG ?


SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics, its a very flexible and powerful format, being scalable means it is perfectly sharp across any display resolution, the format is supported by all platforms and browsers, and file size is very small, perfect for mobile first sites.

SEO Friendly

SVG being richer than regular images, are ranked better by google. you can also index relevant keywords in them.

superior Web performance

Unlike videos or GIFs, SVG are compatible across browsers and platforms, your visitors will always be able to see them. and there is no restriction for autoplay, even on mobile sites.

smaller file sizes

Mathematically optimized into smaller file sizes. Even long animations will load fast, and play flawlessly no matter how bad your data plan is.

super responsive

Without a fixed resolution, you can scale up SVG up to 8k and still will look sharp. this means that it will display perfectly in all screen sizes.

Looks great on retina displays

Deliver the best possible experience to your users, vivid colors, incredible detail, smooth animations.

perfect for explaining

Don´t just talk about your product, show your visitors how you solve their problems, through a animated SVG.

ready for web or apps

IOS, Android, Web, Mobile, SVGs can be used on everything, even your smartwatch supports it.

smooth animations

Autoplayable, silk smooth movement and transitions. show your product in a enjoyable and effective way.

Animate your way to the future

Your customers are eager for experiences, rich content and dynamic websites are the most converting ones. SVG animations can help you with that.

We can animate for: 






process description

loading indicator



hero sections



Choose the plan that best suits you.

Depending on your necessities we have created several packages. If you have different requirements we can create a custom offer, just contact us.

Our usual work process does not include the embedding of the animations on your website or app, but if you need help with it we can assist you with one of our specialists for an additional cost.

We are thrilled by the experience of helping dozens of customers in more than 15 countries.

“A very professional company, timely and fun to work with. Always delivers on time, will work with them again”

Roland, Wanderers Windhoek

New Zealand

“Outstanding animations. If your searching for a company to animate your graphic designs, you can stop looking, you’ve found them. I would 100% recommend his services to anyone. Great work!”

Ben Whitley, CEO at


“You guys are one of my best worker so far. From beginning of the project, they took its time to understand the needs and to evaluate the different possibilities with us. The quality of work is excellent, nothing could be better. We will work with you again for sure ! Maxime”

Maxime, Digital Product Manager


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“It’s great to work with you guys. They works fast and communicates very well. I’d definitely recommend them and I’m looking forward to working with them again in the future!

Ingo, Mobile Vikings


The guys was very communicative and accomodating. They was attentive to all my needs and delivered on expectation. I can’t recommend them enough.

Danjumah, Kaji App

United States

“Robert and Luis were amazing. They understood very quickly what i needed and did it perfect! Very talented and professionals!

Paula, Ahoy


Bring your website to life with animated SVG’s