Luis Quintanilla

What’s your story? What motivates you to create Animated SVG and where were you before?

I am a simple person who likes to solve problems, so when I see a good intellectual challenge I get in full. Everything was born designed web pages for a social media agency of which I am co-founder, I needed to implement animations and conventional elements fell short. This is how after this hard work, frustrations and many cups of coffee this product was born.

Describe yourself at work in three words




OK then, describe yourself at home in three words




Where can you be found when you’re not here at Animated SVG?

Watching anime, cooking, reading or playing pokemon go.

Not quite three words, but we’ll let you off. If someone’s wondering whether Animated SVG’s going to be the right agency for them, what would you say?

I’ll be surprised if they didn’t see the utility offered by Animated SVG. We have fantastic talent, skill, attention to detail, experience and great customer service. I am sure that if a client sees our portfolio or book a meeting can have a vision of what we can do for them.

What’s the best bit of your job?

Solving problems and constant update.

Tell us something about yourself people might be surprised by.

I am a fan of graphology and I can guess the personality of people by their signature.

Any final words?

See you space cowboy.

Luis Social Media